We recommend reading with your child every day. The more children observe their parents actively engaged in reading, the more motivated they will be to read. Reading with your child communicates that you value reading and spending time with him or her. It also helps your child develop language and literacy skills that will be the foundation for learning to read.

Activities that support reading do not have to be time-intensive or expensive. Nor do reading activities have to come from a book or workbook. In fact, to keep reading fun at home, reading activities should not be drill-based or frustrating for the child. As a parent, you can make reading easier for your child in very simple ways, such as: discussing your preschool child’s drawing, using recipes when cooking, or going on a nature walk! When children have lots of experiences, they have a greater chance of connecting with what they read. Children develop and expand their vocabulary through parent-child conversations about daily experiences, feelings, books, photographs, and more!

Use the ordinary to develop an extraordinary reader! Children learn best when the material connects to their everyday life. Remember, the more fun your child has, the more he or she will want to read.

Monthly Activities
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  Grocery Store Sound Shopping
  Make a Routine for Reading
  Phonological Awareness Fun
  Planning a Vacation
  Raising a Reader

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